Play as a glass of (slightly drunk 😉) beer that somehow gained access to a very powerful gravity gun! Maneuver around many asteroids and try to stay alive as long as you can! You get extra points for stylish super-fast flying :)


Hold X to use your gravity gun, then use the arrow keys to select the desired asteroid!

This game was made in a week for the 18th LibGDX Jam (September 2021) by RedSponge, TheCrispyToasty and Sivan.

Specific Credits:

Music - RedSponge
Code - TheCrispyToasty
Art - Sivan


Gun sound:

Post jam update: Controls should stop feeling wonky now

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsRedSponge, TheCrispyToasty
Tagsbeer, gravity-gun, Zero Gravity


GravityAle-1.0.jar 14 MB
Version 1.0.1 Sep 27, 2021


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Nice!! Love the concept. Kind of hard when there are no asteroids in the direction I need to go to avoid the asteroids in my line of sight. Fun game though.

ahh ok, i finally figured it out over several seconds that i am not supposed to hit those brains? nice use of shaders. it's fun

This was Great. Good idea, use of theme, fun. Also presentation was spot on. Good show!

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I really love the slow motion "slightly drunk"  effect!  and have no clue how you did that but it's perfect ! GG!

Nice :D

Such polish much nice!

Wow, the polish on this is phenomenal! It absolutely shines!

The concept is pretty interesting, and sometimes selecting an astroid with arrow keys would not switch to the one I expected.

But all of the graphics, sounds, shaders, and even how tidy the title screen, is just fantastic!